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For what it's worth, it was worth all the while.

A can of mixed emotions

less than 3 weeks to go.
some sleepless nights.
some dreamy nights.

i am really excited.
it's hard to stay calm in my thoughts.
i can't wait our new life together.

at the same time, am utterly nervous.
need to look my best on that day!!
afterall, it is going to be the most significant day of our lives.
lots of photos will be taken.

also feeling sad that i'm 'leaving' my family/home of 27 years.
am entering a new and next phase of my life.

guo da li is this sunday. hope it will all be smooth.
can't wait for him to meet my 奶妈. i was really sad to know she and her family couldnt make it,
but i guess, alot of things are still remembered by the heart. ah-pek, can you see me from wherever you are?
your ying-ying (their nick for me) is getting married!! im sure you are smiling happily and will share my joy.
i miss you deeply... hear from me during the wedding speech ok?

an chuan is 1 day before the wedding.
isaac will come and jump and roll on the bed..
i dreamt we had a baby girl last night though... haha!

i hope we don't miss out anything during these remaining days, alot of last-minute things to attend to..
most importantly, i hope our guests will remember to turn-up, and less people telling us they last-minute cannot come. will upload the other photos after the wedding so as not to spoil the surprise :)

Posted by MintyVintage on June 11, 2013 at 6:45PM | Permalink | 0 Comments
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